Tells a truth too hard to bear


A poem written by an anonymous poet...

Tells a truth too hard to bear

The world, a broken-down hourglass,

A fallen standard of life’s peace

A place of chaos, a realm of pain,

The days the same, never to cease.

The people, broken like so much glass,

Each soul an unrecognized casualty

Torn apart by their own core beliefs,

Ripped apart by society.

Life, like a glass shattered in shards

Tells a truth too hard to bear

A truth that we all must accept,

The cruelness that’s present everywhere.

For every day people ignored,

Every heart that’s had to break

Every soul with no way out

The horror of this world is no mistake.

And yet, here we are in the present time

Faced with the chaotic reality

Though it may be hard, we must keep our heads up

Working together to rebuild society.

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