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Whatever may be the addiction, it either destroys or transforms. Jayesh has also got such an addiction-"Love addict". Let's see Jayesh gets ruined by this kind of addiction or will this addiction take him on a different path.


Season 1_episode 1


First Day Of College

Sometimes we get into such an addiction that either destroys us or makes us dependent. Addictions are of two types, good or bad, and our hero has also got the same addiction, so let's see where his addiction takes our story.

Gadarwara City, Super Convent Engineering College, Computer Science Department, Class B…

Jayesh is sitting in the back of the class. Today is Jayesh's first day in college. Jayesh Khanna is a handsome looking tall and handsome boy; his height is around 6 feet. Jayesh is an orphan who takes responsibility for himself and his studies by working at a beer bar. He did his studies until the 12th grade at Excellence School.

Jayesh is very good at studying, but he also has a very bad habit. He keeps on flirting with every girl; even the daughter of the owner of the house he used to rent was about to fall in love with him; had the landlord not put a break on their love story quickly, the girl would have become Jayesh's fifth victim. The landlord quickly became suspicious and threw Jayesh out of the house, and our hero moved to a new house and went out in search of new prey.

Jayesh is sitting on the back seat and playing a game on his mobile; in the meantime, a very beautiful girl enters the class from the front. As soon as Jayesh raises his head, his eyes fall on the girl. Jayesh freezes for a while. Jayesh has seen such a beautiful girl for the very first time.

As soon as that girl enters the class, Jayesh gets up from his seat and starts walking towards and talking to that girl. Today the weather is also so clear. Then I don't know why this lightning is shining; it seems that God has also paid attention to it for the first time by creating such a beauty. Can I get your name so that I can ask for a vow in your name in the temple so that you do not get the evil eye of this world?

I am Shamita Mukharji, and I am the class teacher of your class and the computer subject teacher. I have my own parents to take care of me and protect me from prying eyes, so you don't have to worry, and please be your own limit.

Sorry, Miss, it will not happen in the future. Jayesh said, but in his mind he had made Shamita his prey.

Shamita is doing her post-graduation in this college, but for experience, she is also teaching the 1st year class of this college.

Jayesh goes to his seat and sits down, and the class starts, but Jayesh's attention is only on how to catch Shamita in his love trap.

After the college is over, Jayesh comes back to his home and goes to work. Jayesh has to work in a beer bar till late at night, then went to college in the morning. Now he have some time to go to the beer bar, so he goes to a shop and starts smoking and starts seeing girls around there.

After staying there for some time, he goes straight to the beer bar. After reaching the bar, he sees something that he did not expect even in his dream: there he sees Shamita.

Shamita had come there with her friend; she was also dancing with her there; meanwhile, Shamita's eyes fell on Jayesh. Shocked to see Jayesh there, Shamita went to the counter where Jayesh works.

Hey Jayesh, do you work here? Asked Shamita.

"Yes Miss Shamita, you tell me what you would like to drink," replied Jayesh.

Yes, any drink will do whatever suits you best.

Okay, having said this, Jayesh starts making drinks for Shamita, and Shamita silently starts staring at Jayesh and asks him: "You work here as well as study; how do you manage both things?"

I have no other option. Nothing works in this world without money, and to earn money, you have to work.

Umm…. What does your father do? Shamita asked again.

I am an orphan, and ever since I regained my senses, I found myself in Khanna Orphanage, so I named myself Jayesh Khanna.

ohhh…. I am sorry.

No problem, and you tell Miss Shamita, why did you start teaching at such a young age?

I always loved to teach others, and now that my post-graduation is going to the same college, I decided to start teaching for experience.

Oh, that's it. After that, both became silent, then Jayesh stared at Shamita for some time and said, "I said it with my heart: you are really very beautiful and awesome."

Shamita smiles and starts enjoying the party again with her friend.


What do you think? Will Jayesh be able to make his place in Shamita's heart? And how many troubles will Jayesh have to face for this?

For that, you will have to wait for the next episode of this season. If you like this story or see any mistake in the story, then you can write your opinion in the comment section of this post, or you can also send your opinion directly to me on my email id, [email protected].


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