Bound in Secret Love

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The poem "Bound in Secret Love" tells the story of two people who are in love, but their relationship is forbidden because they come from opposing sides in a time of war. Despite the challenges they face, their love endures in secret, as they steal moments together and dream of a future where they can be together openly. The poem explores themes of loyalty, duty, sacrifice, and the enduring power of love in the face of adversity.

Bound in Secret Love

In the midst of war and endless strife

Two hearts, bound in secret love, endure their life

As opposing armies clash and fight

Their love remains hidden, out of sight.


Prominent leaders, of high rank and might

Their parents, too, positions in government’s light

The world, it seems, could never understand

Their love, forbidden, branded with reprimand.


In whispered tones, and in stolen moments shared

Their love burns bright, a flame that cannot be compared

Behind closed doors, they meet in the night

And in each other’s arms, they find respite.


Their worlds collide, but they cannot be free

Bound by duty, honor, and loyalty

As the war rages on and on

Their love grows stronger, though it must remain withdrawn.


And as they lead their armies to the fray

Their love remains hidden, in the heat of the day

A love forbidden, with no chance to grow

Only in the shadows, can their love show.


As the years go by, and the war does not cease

Their love remains strong, a bond that brings peace

For in a world of strife, of endless conflict and pain

Their love endures, forever to remain.

For even in the midst of strife and endless pain

They know their love will someday see the light again
even though they must remain apart for now
So they fight on, with the hope in their hearts
That someday soon, they'll no longer be kept apart

They dream of a future where they take their vows.

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