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Griffith Sees the Elephant by Bryn Evans

  • Griffith Sees the Elephant

  • Bryn Evans

  • Page: 268

  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

  • ISBN: 9798218357856

  • Publisher: Bryn E. Evans

Griffith Sees the Elephant

Pdf download ebooks Griffith Sees the Elephant 9798218357856 by Bryn Evans

It is easy to think of 1861-65 as just a period of war. It was much more than that. Winfield Scott, 75, the first Federal commanding general, maligned for being too old for the job, and for devising a strategy (the "Anaconda Plan") that many in the North thought too timid, understood what was going on better than many half his age. "It is revolutionary times..." he wrote. He was right. It was a social and political revolution that would not be clarified until Abraham Lincoln spoke 272 words in a small Pennsylvania town, over two-and one-half years later, and in the twenty-first century is unfinished. It is still "revolutionary times." Before that, many people were living through that revolution in different ways. In April, 1861, Griffith Williams, 17, is a Welsh immigrant to Virginia. It has become clear that opposition to slavery won't be enough to prevent pressure on him to join the Confederate forces, and that the British government will do nothing to help. He becomes a reluctant rebel soldier, one of thousands of foreigners drawn into the Confederate army: some willingly, many not. Griffith has spent two years persuading his girlfriend, Clara Chiles, a brilliant Virginia Tidewater aristocrat and budding feminist, that no one of her intellect and convictions should support slavery. He succeeds, and in a violent argument with her father, she comes out for abolition. Her family owns over 80 slaves, and Clara's decision puts her life in immediate danger from her father and fire-eating secessionists. As Griffith's regiment marches into the grisly aftermath of the Battle of Manassas, Clara and her servant Lucy must flee for their lives. Weeks later, a carefully worded message from the North tells Griffith she is safe. For both, it's a war without glory or romance. Clara must face the dark nightmares of what she calls a pernicious society, and Griffith is thrust into war at its most brutal. They are sustained by the memories of a love that found them by accident.

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