Download song blank space Taylor Swift

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Download song blank space Taylor Swift. Click the link to save the song: Download songs

Download song blank space Taylor Swift

Download song blank space Taylor Swift. Click the link to save the song:

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The Story About Taylor Swift's Blank Space Song

“They’ll tell you, I’m insane…”

That's the quote from Blank Space's lyrics. Yes. Granted, Taylor Swift is crazy. Taylor Swift is crazy. Apart from acting crazy in the MV, his achievements and talents are even crazier. Hohoho…

There are several reasons that make people decide to be Taylor Swift's haters. But there are many things that make people become fans. I was personally amazed especially by his talent and hobby for writing. Anyway, whoever that person is… if he can write, I'll take my hat off (if I'm wearing it anymore! :D). Oh seriously, man.

OK, back to Taylor Swift's Blank Space…

A Glance About the Facts of the Song Blank Space

The song, which is the second single from the album "1989", was released on November 10, 2014 yesterday. As expected, this song was written by Taylor Swift herself and assisted by Max Martin and Shellback. The genre is pop, more to electro which has quite a beat. Hmm… I think the decision not to country-make this album is quite right. Success. Last I saw, in the second week of May this… Blank Space was at number 25 on the Billboard hot 100.

At first, Daku wanted to just discuss the song Style, but suddenly he was interested in reposting and adding an explanation about the meaning of the song Blank Space. Haha…

The lyrics of this section of Blank Space tell the 'chronological' meeting of Taylor Swift (I'm just TS for short, right?) with someone who made an impression on her. The first time, TS was so fascinated by his face. She also tried to spread her own charm with the man. He does not hesitate to show the good and bad sides of himself.

From his appearance, TS could 'read' easily if the man came from a rich family. TS also guessed that the "target" knew about the gossip about him. Because of that… he also wanted to be friends (first). He wants to spend time together to get to know each other better. And actually, there were doubts from TS to take their relationship to the next level.

Both TS and the boys are young. These lyrics talk about their young relationship, which is still full of passion and can go 'too far'. And if one day the man believes the gossip spread by his ex, well, TS will write his name on the 'ex-lover' list too. After all, he still has an empty heart for other people.

TS has involved his whole heart in this relationship. He also wants to give whatever the man wants. She will be queen for him, for king in his heart. But if something bad comes...


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