Dead man walking

Freakwrites2023/02/10 10:45
Dead man walking

Dead Man Walking 

And you want me out there

Fighting for you to gather some votes

When you put me in here

Kept me in pains, coursing through my veins is

some high volts

learnt monarchs are not selected around here

They are made with guns

And they reign

Only when it rains

Leave me in here to reason

I've made some peace with boredom

A man that grew up in prison

Would know nothing to do with Freedom

You already made us a "dead man walking"

So let's die in peace

And not in pieces

In this hood, we carry the truths in our hearts

While reality stay stashed outside

The heart says “think before you act”

The hood says “react”

But you'd be all alone when one of those

reactions gets you behind the bars

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