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You, Me, I (a letter)

His_rhymez2023/02/09 00:19

A regretful fellow bloating out emotions in realization of his undying love for his ex, he’s been trying to get back to. This was the one of the letters he sent to her SETTING: Old school

You, Me, I (a letter)

You Me I

Hey there, it’s me

I know you’d probably be wondering right now, why I did this

I’ve asked that to myself a couple of times too

I guess it makes me miss you more and less at the same time

Filling my head over and over again with pictures of you, blushing smile as you turn your face away, whenever I look into your eyes 

Or is it the startling tease I feel whenever you wrap your hands around me, a coding, you send to my heart encrypted in abbreviations that spell “IDWLY”

I’ve become so obsessed with you that I want you much more than I even do me

I get sick of the air without that satisfying smell of you in it

They say a stitch in time saves nine,

Well I’ve made eight stitches trying to get you back, and I’m here again once more with my ninth life as a cat

A price I’m willing to pay till I can’t no more

Cause it’s you who makes my love chandler more

I’ve spent more time in trying not to miss you than I do on anything,

My forever counts down as I try relentlessly to find you and put you back in it before my time runs out,

Cause I just can’t get a hold of myself 

I guess when I lost you I thought that was all I lost but I lost me too

Now I can’t seem to find rest

Without the rest of me

So I need me back🥺.


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