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The Concept of Mehram for Hajj Umrah

Abdullah Saif2023/02/08 20:52
The Concept of Mehram for Hajj Umrah

A Mahram is a family member with whom Muslims can't get married. His job is to take care of women. A woman feels safe when she is with Mehram, and Islam doesn't let women travel alone. Mehram is required for women who do Umrah with their family through Cheap Umrah Packages 2023, and he must protect the women. The following people in a woman's family can be her Mehram:

Before marriage:





5.Maternal uncle

6.Uncle and maternal uncle's father

After marriage:

When a woman gets married, the following words become her Mehram:



3.Father of the groom

4.Son of a daughter


6.Son in law

This is not a requirement for these men. Other people in society and cousins are very strict about Purdah. After you reach puberty, you have to do purdah.


Except for the family members we've talked about, all other men are non-Mehram for a woman. If a woman is not married, the second group of men who are named Mehram after they get married are also not Mehram. These are only called Mehram after a woman gets married. Women must follow what Allah and His Prophet say because what they say is good for women.

Before Islam, what men did with women:

Before Islam, women were treated like slaves, and the fact that they were born was seen as a shame by their fathers. They were killed soon after they were born, and no one cared about them. The Holy Prophet made them as important as men. He changed the way women thought about men. Through what he taught, he made women the queens of the home. He told people that Allah Almighty gave them daughters as a gift.

Security of women with the concept of Mehram:

With the help of Mehram and by giving the order of Purdah, the Holy Prophet made sure that women were safe. Mehram, take care of women and protect them from any disrespectful attack. In Islamic society, women are seen as the honour of the home. Islam does not let you look at women who are not related to you by blood.

Mehram for Hajj and Umrah:

Women aren't allowed to travel alone because they are weak and someone could hurt them. Women must have a man named Mehram with them at all times to protect them. He could be a woman's father, grandfather, uncle, maternal uncle, husband, brother, son, grandson, son-in-law, or father-in-law. She feels safe with all of them because she doesn't have to keep her clothes on around these men. During Hajj and Umrah, they take care of the needs of women.

If going with another Mehram, she needs permission from her husband:

Women are not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia without a Mehram from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. If a woman is married and going to perform Umrah with her father or brother, her husband should give her written permission to go. Islam says to do what your husband tells you and to respect your husband.

Without Mehram, a woman can't do Hajj or Umrah:

A woman can't do Hajj or Umrah without Mehram because she can't travel alone. She can't go with Non-Mehram because Islam says she must keep her distance from him. A woman over 45 can travel without Mehram as long as her husband gives her permission and she goes with his family. Family Umrah packages make it possible for women over 45 to do Umrah without their husbands, as long as they have his permission. If you are planning to book low price umrah packages with a woman then you should keep this thing in your mind. She should know the names of all the people she is going to Hajj or Umrah with.


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