Unsterilised Relationship Full Episode 4

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A story of a married couple who lived happily until the realities of their marriage begins to get detrimental to their happiness

Unsterilised Relationship Episode Update:

The Episode begins with Sophia saying that she would go and check up on Ann and Mofe. Belinda says they are all joking if they think they can ignore her and just start leaving one after the other. Sophia ignores her and leaves. Mofe tells Ann that he would be going downstairs to straighten things out with Belinda. Ann says she won't be coming with him and Mofe tells her that she doesn't have to come with him. Sophia knocks on the door identifying herself. Mofe tells her to come in. He tells Sophia to stay with his wife while he goes to straighten things out with Belinda. Sophia agrees to stay. Mofe thanks her and leaves. Belinda is waiting impatiently downstairs until she sees Mofe. She says thank God he came finally as she was thinking it would take a decade to convince his wife about the realities of things happening now. Mofe asks Belinda why she's doing this to him. Belinda says she should be asking him that question. Mofe tells her not to interrupt him. Mofe says it was true he dated her in the past but was that the reason she would come over to his party to embarrass him like this. Belinda says embarrassment. She asks if he's trying to say that his long lost child who has been missing from his life for 20 years is an embarrassment to him. Mofe warns her not to force words out of his mouth otherwise she won't like the end of it, besides, yes he was in a relationship with her but he can't remember when they ever got intimate for once because he can clearly remember the rules that were stated before they entered into that relationship that there won't be any sexual closeness between them and he has never for once seen her nakedness since he met her, so where did the child she claimed to be his manufactured from. Belinda gets scared a bit until she says she can remember the clauses drawn before they entered into their relationship and she also tried her best in making sure that no boundaries were crossed until the day that he and his friends were celebrating their end of being a student, he drank too much that he became drunk and he couldn't even make use of his head as of then in that state. She says that his friends brought him to her place where she was in a lodge. She says they brought him stating that he kept mentioning her name in his drunken state so they thought it over to bring him to her. She says that when she brought him in and the friends left, he couldn't control himself and that's when he misbehaved with her. Mofe stares at her and asks if she's done. Belinda says well there is nothing else left to say. Mofe goes to the door and open it. Belinda asks what he's doing. Mofe tells Belinda that he's not convinced with any of the stories she just told him . Belinda asks meaning. Mofe tells Belinda that he cannot remember spending a night with her. Belinda says but she said he was drunk that day. Mofe says that's not a good enough lie she told so before he gets so angry to the point of humiliating her, she should leave with her illegitimate child. Belinda gets shocked and says she cannot believe this. Mofe tells her she better start believing it and without her getting a tangible proof to backup her claim, she shouldn't step her legs into his house. Richard is about to say something but Mofe yells at him to shut up and leave with his mother. Belinda looks at him angrily with Richard. Belinda tells Richard to come with her. Richard asks but how can he leave his father's house. Belinda tells him to come and she promises they would be back. Mofe tells that his house won't be opened to them for their return. Belinda says we shall see, and she leaves with Richard. Ann saw everything from upstairs with Sophia. Sophia later takes Ann into the room. Mofe apologises to the guests for the inconveniences they faced during the party and it will be quite sad because they would be drawing the curtains for tonight's party. He says he hopes they understand and bear with him. After the explanation he goes upstairs. Mofe goes into the room and Ann tells him she heard and saw everything. Mofe asks if what he did was able to clear her mind of every doubt she might be having and Ann says yes. Mofe says that Belinda has turned out to be such a gold digger but as he promised to put her in her place, so have he done and any other day she comes back to put that stunt again, then his reaction towards her won't be lesser than the one he gave to her today. Sophia agrees with Mofe and says that Belinda was just a tool sent to wreck havoc in the family's happy life but fortunately enough, none of her evil plans succeeded. She tells Ann that in her own opinion, she would suggest that they just forget about what happened today and continue living their normal lives. Mofe asks Ann what she has decided from what he and Ann has told her. Sophia gets a call and says her mother is calling which means she's at her house because she said she would come visiting. She says she'll be on her way now and Ann and Mofe tells her to take care and she leaves. Ann tells Mofe that she thinks the suggestions he and Sophia are the right ones to take. She says that they can't possibly cause a crack in their family's relationship on the basis of a false allegation. She says they would have to pretend as if something like what happened earlier didn't really happen. Mofe says that's the right thing to do. Ann asks if the party is still going on and Mofe says "No, I called it off" Ann says that's the right thing to do in a situation like this. Mofe says that means he's smart and Ann smiles and nods. She says her son must be getting worried about her, so she would go see him. Mofe says he would come with and they both leave. Ann goes downstairs with Mofe and Stan goes and hugs his mother. He says thank God she finally came out, he assures her that that lady and her son will not come back to trouble her because dad has put the both of them in their rightful place. Ann smiles and says she knows that. She says the best thing for them right now is to forget the fact that such a lady came to their house and rather continue the celebrations of her birthday as a one big family. Stan agrees with her and says that the wine has not yet been popped, so he would pop it. Stan takes the wine and pop it, and Mofe and Ann both claps. Belinda and Richard arrives a room and Belinda begins to pace up and down. Richard asks what are they going to do now. Belinda says those people has messed with the wrong people. Richard asks what are they going to do then to get back at them, or rather what are they going to do to get him to be in his father's house. Belinda assures her son that something will be done. She says she will speak to their lawyer and see what he can be able to do for them. Richard pleads with her to do whatever she wants to do in a hurry because ever since she told him about his father and they came down to this city he stays in, they have both been staying in a hotel which is not supposed to be so since his father is such a rich businessman. Belinda says harshly that it's not easy for her so instead of just complaining he should exercise some bit of patience. Richard apologises for hurting his mother's feelings and says he didn't mean to sound that way. Belinda calms down and tells him that she completely understand his predicament and worry but she wants him to understand her's as well in this case. Richard apologises once more for his behaviour and Belinda says it's okay, and she asks him to go and rest in his room. Richard says okay and leaves. Belinda begins to look on angrily until she dials the lawyer's number. The lawyer picks the call and asks if there is a problem. Belinda asks if he can remember when she told him that her reason for coming to Lagos is to get her son into his father's house and the reason she confided in him(the lawyer) is because she said that incase there was any obstacle or hindrance that would prevent her from entering into the house with her son, then he would intervene by giving her and her son a legal right to stay in the house. The lawyer says he remembers all that but has the time come for him to intervene and Belinda says yes. She says that Mofe didn't believe her claim and even called her child illegitimate. The lawyer exclaims "WHAT" and Belinda says yes. The lawyer says this is serious and he asks when he should come and Belinda tells him tomorrow, tomorrow would be the right time to pay Mofe a second visit. The lawyer says that's fine and he assures her to see that she gets her rights back. Belinda says thank you and says she would be expecting him tomorrow, then they both hang up. The next morning, the family members are having breakfast at the dinning. Stan is eating so fast and Ann asks him to slow down with his food. Stan says he's hurrying up with his food because he has to be in college today and he doesn't want to be late . Ann asks what if the food chokes his throat. Stan is about talking but Mofe asks him to listen to his mother. Mofe says he is also in a hurry to go for work but he isn't in a haste like him. Stan says that he and Charles planned that he would go to Charles house first before they can go to college that's why he's rushing this way. Mofe tells him he understands that because he was once in college like him but most times, listening to your parents, especially your mother is the best. Mofe says that his mother knows that if he eats so fast, then he would choke, and if he does then it would be quite difficult to calm down which means she loves him a lot and instead of complaining, he should reciprocate the love by obeying. Stan agrees and begins to eat normally. Ann calls Stan a good boy and he thanks her. Ann then smiles at Mofe and he smiles back at her. Stan eats one more slice of bread until he picks his bag and says that he'd be on his way. Ann asks if he won't finish up the food and Stan replies he's full already. They wish him goodbye as he leaves. Mofe tells Belinda that he'll also be on his way to work. Ann smiles and says she'll escort him to the door. Ann takes Mofe's briefcase and follows him to the door. Belinda arrives the house with her son and the lawyer. She is about to ring the doorbell until Mofe opens the door to leave and gets shocked seeing Belinda while Belinda smiles at Mofe.

Precap: The lawyer says that Belinda now has legal right to stay in the house. Mofe says he is not listening to that nonsense and asks them to leave his house. Belinda asks if he wants to disobey the law and Mofe says he isn't disobeying any law because he there Is a tendency that the lawyer she brought is fake.


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