PDF [Download] Kiva's Tale by Partran, Honovy, Eshpur

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Kiva's Tale by Partran, Honovy, Eshpur

  • Kiva's Tale

  • Partran, Honovy, Eshpur

  • Page: 286

  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

  • ISBN: 9798765561669

  • Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press

Kiva's Tale

Free epub downloads ebooks Kiva's Tale by Partran, Honovy, Eshpur DJVU 9798765561669

A novel of anthropormorphic characters, Kiva's Tale follows the apprentice artificer Kiva on her journey to the distant manor of the Lord of Winterrock and Master Artificer Partran Madradin. Join her as she explores a budding romance and themes of dominance and submission in the first winter of her apprenticeship at Winterrock.

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A novel of anthropormorphic characters, Kiva's Tale follows the apprentice artificer Kiva on her journey to the distant manor of the Lord of 
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