Will to love

Freakwrites2023/02/07 02:05
Will to love

Will to Love

I lost the will to love

Had myself locked up in my feelings

But then I saw a light beaming from the ceilings

I was blinded

Before I could know, I was already bowing to her wills

I wondered if it was some kind of hypnosis

She didn't even need to talk, I could feel the magic on her lips

And all I could imagine was her kiss

Oh, my days!

I yelled

Is this what my fate says?

I need help

I don't want to go astray

But yet, this is where I want to spend the rest of my days

I could feel my peace of mind in between her breasts

Oh my love, please allow me to stay

And I won't even need to rest

The smile on her face gives me some heavenly feelings

I'd died ten thousand times and over

Her words heals my soul

I wish for her to be my lover

I think she knows the direction my emotions flows

Oh my angel

Let me be the one to put you to bed with a warm cuddle

Kiss you all night till you get bubbles

Lick your ear, pull you hair and lay you bare

Oh my lady, you can now call me your baby

So allow this baby

To put a baby

In his baby

That's how we can make our baby

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