What's In The End?

Rina Blue2023/02/05 20:35


What's In The End?

Start the engine, I'm ready.

Step on the gas, don't forget to buckle up.

Turn up the music, you know I love metal.

You're picking up speed,

Outside the window is a bleak landscape.

I hate autumn, but with you,

My darling,

Life turns to summer.

I'm not afraid to die,

It's more frightening to lose.

When the heart is wounded,

Nothing can heal it.

The night is so fresh,

The wind is in my hair,

You're on my left,

Your smile lights the way.

That's what I've wanted for so long.

So take us both there,

Where summer is endless,

Where the stars never go out,

Where to cry is only to laugh.

Be my beacon,

Be my life.

I'm so afraid of losing you,

But I'm not afraid to die.

So... what's in the end?

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