Unsterilised Relationship Episode 3

Davidz2023/02/05 17:13

A story of a married couple who lived happily until the realities of their marriage begins to get detrimental to their happiness

Unsterilised Relationship Episode Upd:

The Episode begins with Mofe asking Belinda what she means by their child. He jokes by asking if she means that everyone at the party are parents to the boy. People laughs at the joke and this gets Belinda upset.

Belinda says she's not joking as the boy beside her is her child and his father is him, Mofe Dalton. Mofe mood changes and he asks what she's talking about. Belinda asks Mofe if this is the way he can treat her and their relationship after everything they both shared. Ann gets confused and asks Mofe what the lady is talking about. Belinda says what she's talking about is that she and Mofe were in an intimate relationship back then in their University days. She says that she and Mofe were the latest couple back then in the University and they had such an amazing pair that people were envious of the chemistry they shared and..... Mofe yells at Belinda to stop talking rubbish and just go straight to the point. Belinda says that the boy with her is named Richard. She says that during their final years in the University, after he took advantage of her, she got pregnant of their child She says that she tried everything she could to get through to him but she couldn't. She says that life got really tough for her as there was absolutely no one to take care of both her and her child. Belinda says for 20 years, she trained Richard and when she felt it was time for Richard to know about his father and the circumstances surrounding his birth, she opened up to him and told him everything. She says that her boy was so curious that he wanted to see his father, and through the help of the internet, seen as he's a very popular businessman, they were able to track him down and here they are. Richard says that most people gets excited when they see their father for the first time whom they didn't know since birth but in his case, he is shattered. He says that when mum told him about his father, he had an impression that his father must have conducted a reasonable search to know where he and his mother stays but "No", rather he is having a good time with his wife and son whom he brought into his life as a means of replacing his first family.....Stan tells Richard to shut up and Belinda attacks him by telling him not to talk to her son in such a manner. Stan says at least he would have had some manners to know the tone he would have used to talk to a renowned chief like his father. Belinda is about to say something until Stan asks if she can just let him speak to his father. Belinda is quiet. Stan asks his father if all the things the lady and the young man said is true. Mofe is quiet. Ann with teary eyed says "His silence has said it all" and she runs upstairs. Mofe calls her name but Ann runs into a room feeling heartbroken. Mofe runs after her. Stan asks Belinda and Richard if they've seen what they've caused. Belinda tells Stan to be quiet because there is nothing absolutely wrong with it if they fight for their rights. Ann paces through the room trying to prevent tears from flowing through her eyes until Mofe enters in. Ann asks Mofe to please let her be but Mofe says that he wants to discuss. Ann asks what he wants to discuss about. She asks if he wants to discuss about the level of embarrassment he just showed her or the fact that a woman from wherever she came from came to their house claiming to have trained his seed for 20 years. Mofe says it's not the case and asks her to understand what he wants to explain to her. Ann says she doesn't need any explanation of whatever he wants to tell her as she needs clarification on just one thing. Ann asks in a bitter rage if he was ever in a serious relationship with Belinda and Mofe says yes. Ann looks at him angrily. Mofe says but that was before they (Mofe&Ann) even met. Ann says she can understand, so he decided to bring his long lost lover today. Mofe is shocked and asks what she means by that. Ann says that what she means is that this decorations and this party being set up isn't to celebrate her birthday but rather as a means to welcome Belinda and her child into his home. Mofe asks what she's saying. He asks if she considers him to be this irresponsible to do this. Ann cries and Mofe pacifies her saying that he was in a relationship with Belinda back in his University days but there was never any form of intimacy in that relationship. Ann looks at him shocked and what he's saying. Mofe says that he and Belinda made a promise to themselves not to get sexually involved until they were done with their University and he made sure that that pledge was met. Mofe says things didn't go down well because after their University level, they planned on getting married but as destiny would have it, they lost contact after their University level was over. Mofe asks how was he at fault in all of this. Ann is confused and asks why Belinda had to say all the things she said downstairs if all the things he said is the truth. Mofe says he doesn't know why Belinda pulled all the stunts she pulled but now she has done this, he is going to set things straight out with her. Mofe asks Ann if she trusts him and Ann says "Yes I do, but..... Mofe interrupts her and says then she should believe him when he tells her that he's going to do the right thing by putting Belinda in her right place for playing this type of prank on them.

Precap: Mofe tells Belinda that he cannot remember ever spending a night with her. Belinda says but she said he was drunk that day. Mofe says that's not a good enough lie so before he gets so angry to the point of humiliating her, the door is open so she should leave with her illegitimate child.


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