Hope for the frustrated

Aesthetic2023/02/05 15:28

Frustrated world

Stood awake all night trying to resolve a lot of things and in the same wise, fight for the things that was needed, but inspire of it all, nothing was birthed... ‘Futile’ came the resounding word, buried deep in the hallway of the mind.

The young boy with the toil and struggle phase was despondent and he felt irrelevant; like some garbage tossed in the bin in.

The world smelt cruelty.

“How do I go about the tragedy ?” was the question he kept asking to himself.

Tears welled up in a cloud form and the balls of it rolled down his cheeks. He found help nowhere and no one understood his pain.

He wailed on.

“Unending“, roared back his torture.

He built strongholds around him and covered his pain with smiles. He wandered in his thoughts and was left without an answer.😭

The pain was immense and it couldn’t be helped.....It was to be ignored.😭

Void of help, he kept crying.

He was dying, yet help wasn’t anywhere close.😭

Frustrated world!!

We live to love and be loved but,

He was never seen; He was never loved.


How do we go from here?

How do we help the broken hearted?

The broken hearted people with a smiling face...

Help them by applauding their deficiency and correcting them in love ❤️


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