Old building at the forest

Their is hope for a hopeless and also home for a homeless

The old building at the forest: One day’ Fante waked up in the morning, and she was very strong enough to work until day ends, she was leaving alone because her parents was killed when she was 6years old, she was brought up by wolves, and she really have them as their family, they also love her and really provide her foods; the really love to have a fun time and the really care for each other. One day at the evening their was a war brakes between wolves and tigers, that time Fante was very strong and smart, she fought against the tigers and the defeated them, the got victory at time . But it came at the point when one of the wolves rises against Fante, and was even chasing her away, but the wolf who train Fante was old enough and can not even fight for Fante, but they chased her away. And she was even walking alone in the forest until she saw an old house, and she was surprise to see that kind of a building, and she entered in; and she saw plates, tables and chairs and many other things and she was so amazing at that time, she slept there. At the morning she saw one awesome boy Lying at the mat, she came closer to him and was looking at his cute face, she kissed him and the boy stood up and saw her and also was amazing too, he hugged her and the became friends and the lived together and makes a family the really enjoyed their life’s.

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