A rafflesia of reflections

Dr. Shukdeb Mazumder2023/02/04 17:20

Shukdeb Mazumder

What a great thing the reflection is!
The world is visible only by the reflection of light
that is, to us, a very stunning bliss.

If there was no reflections, all the elements
would be the victims of the black hole, and all the
mirrors water eyes- even your eyes- my
miraculous mirror- marvelous sky
would be the worthless things.

We are the reflections of our nature made up of
our feelings thinking behaviour attitude
emotions and actions;
life is the outcome of self reflections-
as we reflect us so shall we give
introductions to ourselves.

No reflections no expressions or identities-
all the living and non-living entities
subjects or matters are identified by the
reflections linked to them respectively and as a
result of this we can differentiate them
from one another.

Actions are the reflections of causes,
echoes are the reflections of sounds as an
amour is the reflection of deep dense
affection and love,
and children are the reflections of parents.

Beloved, your love is the reflection of mine
as the reflection of the moon on water fine!

© Dr. Shukdeb Chandra Mazumder

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