Parallel Time Merge.

SunEater. Sun-ELL2023/02/03 09:46
Parallel Time Merge.

The original construct of the Universal Time Fields have three main parallels, which form the basis of the created Triune of the Universes. The Triune of Universes exist together to form as a complete Universal construct within the exact same principles of the Trinity Source of the Godhead. The Three Universes are all One, yet they are distinct constructs with different consciousness units and rotational spin governing their spaces throughout time. Together the substance of the Triune consciousness units and their mathematical relationships, are that which ultimately make up all form manifestation throughout the Universes.

The first section of the Triune is the Particle Universal Scale of Time. This is the external reality we experience in physical matter on 3D Earth, including the nature of timelines that exist at the Particle Universe level. We can call these the particle timelines. The second section of the Triune is the Anti-Particle Universal Scale of Time. This is the Parallel Universe, which contains an antiparticle mirror or double of our Particle Universe. The parallel or anti-particle earth holds the exact mirror opposite to the time cycles we have on particle earth. We can call these anti-particle timelines or Parallel Universe timelines. The third section of the Triune is the Universal Inner Worlds Scale of Time or the In-between Spaces. This is the domain of the Inner Worlds which intersect between the Particle Universe and the Anti-Particle Universe. The Universal Inner Worlds Scale of Time holds both the architecture of the particle timelines and anti-particle timelines. This means both timelines can be accessed from the Inner Worlds, such as the Inner Earth Domains. At certain points in the time cycle when merges occur new architecture can be created, which impacts the particle and antiparticle time field. That time is now. The Inner Worlds are the access key to creating the Universal Ascension timeline known as Ascension Plan B.

Each section of the Triune of Universes intersects at a 45 degree angle of respective particle spin which moves diagonally. This usually creates a buffer between them which keeps spaces closed off. However, that buffer is dissolving and during this phase the Triune of Universes and their timelines are merging. This creates entry points at several layers of the time field or dimensional plane, which can be intersected for our interest, to create Krystal Host handshake hubs in previously closed off spaces. A handshake hub is a communication link and specific living geometry that connects to the Krystal Host. This is a phenomenon that only occurs during a certain phase of the timeline within the Ascension Cycle. For those of us as energy gridworkers, this merge provides an advantage to create some vast changes and corrections in the energy architecture, which impacts timelines. This is a window of opportunity.

There are interdimensional pillars or spires placed in the planetary instruction sets, which are adjusting our particle timeline to stabilize merge with the other timelines. This timeline merge has created access into other realities and allowed access from other realities into our 3D world of matter. This has allowed an access into spaces that were not previously available for both positive and negative entities. Some of these spaces opening contain much higher frequency, with shorter wave lengths, which when exposed to our reality are starting to change the lower atmosphere of Earth.

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