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Jeremiah Ngoma2023/02/03 06:24
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Life takes, more than measured,

Lifetime achievements guaranteed, but

Lifestyle is a preference preferred

Lifelong resident we all are, but

Life belittles nothing, but death

Life destination is destiny,

Life cycle change , to have meaningful lines,

But then life humbles the arrogant

Fool, rather than foolish fools,

fooling around with foolish unfaithful wives, to the foolish unfaithful husband's of life.

Life needs donors to death,

to supremely supplement it's existing cell number.

Life gets disappointed when we cry the lost, rather than celebrate

our still life journey.

Life made no prescription of needed, neither promise promotion of immortality to any,

Self jinxed, foolish unfaithful fools,who foolishly think, they can,

buy life,who life is a rock, when it is but corn ice cream put in the Sahara desert, the wise think life

to be candle wax in a hot pot.

Squeeze the juices of life, when

you still can't squeeze of the juice of death,as it is extremely hard

to squeeze off the juice of death.

Life hope's to be renewed,as it feels bored revolving in circles.

Life can be cruel to people like Solomon,who have everything, but lack the royalty of life,life can be,

Clueless as it can also be cruel to a poor orphan,who has nothing but life,so who should we prefer to be like?,

I for one prefer to be life rather than both.

Take notes of life experiences, for future reference to our, would be life, changing the topic of life, to avoid accountability,is self fooling,as day in,day out we are but in, for life.


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