Keeping Your Spirituality After Hajj

Abdullah Saif2023/02/02 18:54
Keeping Your Spirituality After Hajj

If you want to try something new spiritually, our travel agency has packages for Umrah in November, December, and even after the new year. On the other hand, if you want to plan your Hajj trip, please umrah packages london as soon as possible. The Hajj trip is over, and people go back to their homes, jobs, and other responsibilities. Even though it's over, you get to go back to your family with a lot of great memories, a lot of spiritual lessons learned, and a sense of being more spiritual.

When you go home, it's easy to get back into old habits that make life hard and make you tired. Even with all the great progress made in the past week, it might seem hard to stay spiritual in these circumstances, but it's not impossible. But once the trip and the high of Hajj are over, how do you keep the spirit alive and with you?

1. Be honest with yourself:

Because life gets in the way, it would be a big ask for pilgrims to keep worshipping as much as they did during Hajj. Hadith says that Allah values actions that are done over and over again. Unfortunately, this is hard to do when work, life, and other responsibilities get in the way. If you can keep a few small, doable acts of worship in your life and do them as often and as honestly as you can, that will be a good start. Set achievable spiritual goals for yourself and try to reach them.

2. Show Your Appreciation:

If you are thankful, Allah will bless you with more. If you show gratitude for the experience, you might be asked to come back. And remember what your Lord said: "If you are thankful, I will surely help you, but if you refuse, I will punish you in a terrible way." Even if it's hard to leave Makkah, its beautiful surroundings, and the Grand Mosque, don't let your memories and feelings get in the way. Appreciate what you've learned from your actions and try to live the best life you can, as close to God as you can.

3. The Jamaraat is being pelted:

Don't forget the spiritual value of throwing stones at the Jamaraat. Sheitan wants you even more now that you are no longer at Hajj and have been shamed and put down on Arafa. Just like when you stoned the Sheitan, keep this in mind whenever you are tempted or hear him whispering. If you play over the noise in your head, you might be able to ignore it.

4. Stay Clean:

You were cleansed on Arafa, so remember that your soul will be much more aware of new mistakes and possible sins now that it has been purified. Even though Allah doesn't want you to stay on the path of Arafa, remember that the worst of sinners are those who don't turn back to Allah. If you make a mistake and sin by accident, don't forget to make up for it right away by repenting. People say that the Prophet PBUH did Astaghfaar 100 times a day.

5. Protection:

You should hide or get rid of any images or sounds that could hurt your spirit and heart. If you see or do something that makes you feel bad, try to replace it with something better. Try reading or listening to the Quran right away, and let the thoughts, music, and sight go away. Sheitan uses your senses as a way to corrupt you, so keep those gates shut and your defences up, and be ready with a spiritual eraser. Umrah is the time in which a human is protected form the devil’s tactics. You can perform the Umrah by using affordable umrah packages 2023.

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