The Best Place In The World

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The Best Place In The World

The Best Place In The World

You've been dreaming about traveling the world for a while, and now seems like the perfect time to make these dreams a reality. Whether you have a long layover in the airport or you're planning on taking a round-the-world trip (stopping off in a few other countries along the way), you can use your ticket to the most iconic destinations to work on expanding your mind and learning a thing or two about different cultures. It would be best to do some research before you depart so that you can have an idea of what to expect, but even then, you might be surprised by how much everything changes once you step off the plane.

Here is a list of the top places you should consider visiting or living in no particular order.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Although it can be challenging to grasp just how big this former British territory is, the skyscrapers in Central are a good indication of just how much space the city needs. It's difficult to put into words just how exciting Hong Kong is, especially since you might not even have been there yet when this article is published. There is just so much to do and see in this city, and it's absolutely worth the plane ride, even if it is a bit of a hassle to get a visa (you can't just turn up and apply at a consulate either). If you've never been there and you're even thinking about traveling abroad, then Hong Kong should be at the top of your list.

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Brazil is mostly known for its beaches and football, but there is so much more to it than you think. The largest country in the southern hemisphere is home to incredible landscapes and a vibrant culture. Despite the country's size (and related expense), getting around is a breeze thanks to the extensive network of roads and rails that crisscross the entire country. The most recent addition to the Brazilian archipelago is the Copacabana peninsula, famous for its gorgeous beaches and nightlife. If you've always wanted to travel somewhere warm, where the nights are long and lovely, then Brazil sounds like a dream destination. The cities are exceptionally vibrant and full of life, while the beaches are beautiful and accessible for all ages.


The world's eighth-largest country prides not only on its incredible geography and extraordinary wine, but also on its people and their vibrant culture. Visiting Argentina is like falling into a time warp and traveling back to the 1970s, when the streets were filled with life and the cities were bursting at the seams. The people were kind and warm, and it was easy to find work, study, or whatever you wanted to do. These are the sort of destinations that draw you in and make you want to stay forever, not to mention the fact that you'll never feel cold again. The world's seventh-largest country prides not only on its incredible geography and extraordinary wine, but also on its people and their vibrant culture.


Australia is the homeland of kangaroos and koalas, with the animals readily available for photo-ops with tourists. It is one of the most popular destinations for travelers, primarily due to its beautiful beaches and laidback attitude. The country is incredibly tolerant of visitors, and there are plenty of opportunities for adventure, from surfing to sky diving. It may be best to visit the country during the offseason, as the beaches can get pretty packed with people during the peak season. If you are looking for a place with a bit of a European feel to it, then Australia is somewhere to consider. It is a paradise inhabited by giant marsupials, so the indigenous wildlife will certainly draw plenty of attention. If you've always wanted to visit this beautiful country, now might be the right time. The beaches aren't exactly what they used to be a few years ago, but they are still good.

New Zealand

There is absolutely nothing ordinary about New Zealand. The country is spectacularly beautiful, with lush, green hills, majestic mountains, and a crystal-clear sea. It is home to some of the smartest and most welcoming people you will ever meet. One of the world's greatest chefs, Jamie Oliver, grew up in Auckland and even named a culinary specialty “Bacon and Kiwi,” inspired by the Maori gift of ki (pronounced “kee”). Tourists regularly flock here to see the stunning blue ocean, visit the famous spots like the Golden Circle or The Sights, and taste the succulent local food. If you are a fan of the unique and the unusual, then this should be on your travel itinerary.


Chile is the longest country in the world, and it deserves every bit of its reputation as the country of extremes. From the majestic Andes to the magnificent fjords and majestic glaciers, there is plenty to see and do in Chile. The capital, Santiago, is an incredible feat of Spanish colonial architecture, dating back to the 16th century. It also houses a beautiful cathedral and one of the longest opera houses in the world. Chile is also home to one of the largest aquamarine lakes in the world, located in the Lakes District. If you are a fan of wine, then visiting one of the many vineyards in the area is a must, especially since some of the grapes grown here can be exported all over the world. There are also a lot of festivals and events taking place throughout the year, ranging from classical music concerts to international soccer tournaments. If you can't get enough of the culture and want to learn more about the Spanish colonization of the Americas, then Chile is the place to be. The food is delicious, and there are plenty of opportunities to get vegan and/or vegetarian meals too.


The largest country in the western hemisphere is also one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. The geography is incredible (with an abundance of snow-capped mountains, thick Amazon rainforests, and crystalline rivers) and there are lots of incredible attractions. The country prides not only on its extraordinary nature, but also on its carnival and folklore. If you love adventure and want to feel like a real native, then Venezuela is the place for you. There are lots of chances to get paid gigs as an English-speaking tour guide or translator, or even just to hang out with the locals and live like a king for a day. The downside is that the country is extremely expensive to visit, with food, travel, and accommodation all costing more than you'd pay in Europe. The good news is that you can get a visa on arrival, which will allow you to explore the country and enjoy its vibrant culture and beautiful beaches for as long as you like. If you've been dreaming about traveling to this part of the world, then Venezuela should be at the top of your list.


The capital, Lima, is the largest city in the world, with a population of around 7 million. It is a hub for culture, arts, and entertainment, with lots of museums, galleries, and cinemas. The streets are teeming with life during the day, and at night, the city lights create a magical atmosphere that draws you in. Few cities can match the beauty of Peru and its majestic landscape, with the breathtaking snow-capped Andes dominating the sky. In the south, the coast is a beautiful blend of jungle, sand, and crystalline waters. The food is incredible, and you'll find a variety of dishes to fit every taste bud. In the mountains, you'll find lakes, terraces, and breathtaking views. There are so many tourist attractions, including festivals and events, such as the Fiesta de la Maravilla (Festival of the Marvelous), which brings together artists and craftsmen from all over the world for an annual exhibition. In the rainy season, the streets can become a bit of a quagmire, so make sure you have boots that are waterproof.


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