There is a girl.

OpeneCj2023/02/01 02:45

Valentine's day is here once again, February 14 is the code, This is something to write to your loved ones ❤️😍

There is a girl.

There's a girl,

She is like no other,

She makes my knees melt like a candle alit,

With a brush from her fingers,

Her angelic voice sends chills down my spine,

Seeing her smile makes me blissful, giddy and ecstatic,

Could she be the one?

Deep in thought, she runs through my mind all day long,

Is it too much; To ask for a drop of affection,

To quench the thirst of my longing heart?

Will you save me from destroying myself,

Being unable to hold your gaze for too long;

OR will you do me a favor and wake me up, from this madness called love?

Truth is, We love beyond the limits we think we have or feel, For to love is to aspect and being loved is being known.


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