Keto Meal Plan⚡️

Shami2023/01/31 20:49
Keto Meal Plan⚡️

The Ultimate Keto Meal Plan⚡️

Here is a sample 7-day keto meal plan:

Day 1:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with avocado and bacon

Lunch: chicken salad with olive oil and vinegar

Dinner: salmon with roasted vegetables

Day 2:

Breakfast: cheese and mushroom omelette

Lunch: tuna salad with mayonnaise

Dinner: steak with garlic butter and green beans

Day 3:

Breakfast: peanut butter and berries smoothie (with low-carb sweetener)

Lunch: grilled chicken with mixed greens and ranch dressing

Dinner: pork chops with roasted cauliflower

Day 4:

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with nuts and seeds

Lunch: chicken stir-fry with vegetables

Dinner: meatballs with marinara sauce and zucchini noodles

Day 5:

Breakfast: bacon and eggs

Lunch: shrimp cocktail with avocado

Dinner: roasted chicken with mashed cauliflower

Day 6:

Breakfast: almond milk latte (with low-carb sweetener)

Lunch: hamburger (without the bun) with cheese and bacon

Dinner: grilled salmon with asparagus

Day 7:

Breakfast: vegetable frittata

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad

Dinner: grilled ribeye steak with roasted Brussels sprouts

Note: this meal plan is just a sample, and the specific amounts of food may vary depending on your calorie needs and personal preferences. Additionally, make sure to drink plenty of water and to limit your intake of added sugars and processed foods.


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