The Archangel2023/01/31 08:55
At War

What if this life is just another bible being written for another era

Lesson for to brain wash them with

What if this is just another bible story being told to another world struggling with their faith of existence

Having trouble believing that there's anything after this life

What if we are just some little ants and there are giant like people looking down on us,

So many questions with no one to answer them

They say Everyone has a destiny,

Please what is mine.

The holy war being forth in the unseen realm,

It sure feels depressing standing on the losing side

The holy tongues of the elders

Causing us to slowly fede away

Yet they send us to batter for that which we do not understand

I didn't know I had the permission to murder in your name

With this revelation

I should have so much power

But "no"

This is harmful to my soul

This war

I Surrender and I die,

Run away and I'll die too

Either way

We all die anyways

So we match on

Believing in a destiny that we'll never live to see for filled

Our lives for our creator

At least that is what we are told

Or maybe our lives for loyalty we've pledged

Loyal to lying elders that could care less if we live or die

Even with the ignored question about this faith

But I yet remain loyal to the promises of my leaders

My heart is wunded and bleeds

And the only bandage I have I gave to my little girl for her rainy days

I'll probably bleed out and die for believing in something

Or maybe for being stupid

I was just too stupid to see that I was being played

Frozen in space

Lost in plain sight

The walls of my head melting down and mirrors of mind shattering

Illusion And reality I yet not know

Just frozen in between my mind and I

At the sight of my enemy bleeding

An enemy I was sent to kill or he kills me

I guess he too was told the same thing I was told.

The heart I was giving

What a heart

yet limiting me to just my feelings

But he my brother or the enemy

He dies either way

Who am I to question the words of the lord

According to the elders

In the end my desires to make a different is shuff so deep down my throat

The only thing left

is the is pain am feeling now



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