The Archangel2023/01/30 20:33

Through an hour glass i can see the grains of dreams Long forgotten

Having faith is had

Especially in myself

But i try anyway

Crashed landed on myself-land

The only place I thought I was safe

Stuck with the monsters I created

Looking for all chances to devour me

In a world created by fear , desperation and my hunger to find were I fit in,

Am now face to face with all the




And hates I buried

Now all they wanna do is eat me up

And they have every right to

I've oppressed them for so long,

they just want out.

Who wouldn't!

After years of silence

It was their time

Often, fragments of what's to come flashes through my inner eyes

But doubt tell me to believe not that which is uncertain

So I killed it

My desires to "try" is little to nothing at all

So I sit back and watch it all fall apart

The holy books says "lines have fallen for me in pleasant places"

But my thoughts!

My thoughts, they comes to me from the darkest of places

My own selfmade monsters

Light seeking aliens

On an island were they shouldn't be

Oh' What a pleasant sight

But I may yet die here today,

They want out and expulsion process is too dangerous humans

I may not survive

For each moment that hurt

And I ducked a hole

For each word that broke my heart

And I kept quiet

For every failed promises

I never spoke about

I duked a hole

Each one deeper than the last

An island such as this

So beautiful but ruined

by disaster like holes I duked

In which I must now fall in

With no one here to cover me up

Peace be unto me,

From earth I came

And to dust I return.

To that side of me I lucked up For so long

I ask thee, Be free

Fly away, for I now take your place


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