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The Geneous2023/01/30 12:55

I have talent, but I don't have utilization method

I have brain, but I don't know how to use it

They say I'm a genius, but I don't see me

They say I'm a footballer, but why do I still walk

The say I can act like shahrukh, they don't see criticism

That I have everything, may be it's a system

Everything is me, but why I'm I still here?.

That I write poems with an avalanche of chords

With maverous sounds, and every sort of rythms

Touches every heart, by why I'm I single the till

With all those speech I gave, but why I'm still not a leader?

That I have everything, but why I'm I still here?.

I plant grains, why do I expect meat

That I'm educated, but why I'm I not employed?

With all those seeds, but still I haverst nothing

If education is the key to success, why I'm I still poor?

That I have everything, but why I'm still here?.

Do you have connections, is the question all ask

Do you have channels, is the thought everyone have

What is that system?, That everyone is thinking of it

Who is responsible? Or the system is of leader's sons

Why no system for all, or we are run by our selfish nature?


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