Is Pakistan a failed state?

Daniyal2023/01/30 11:57
Is Pakistan a failed state?

Pakistan a country in south Asia Facing an economical crisis That is aggravating mental health issues in the country.

Dollar and petroleum rates are increasing and people of Pakistan are facing Difficulty just eating one-time meals. The question arises here then What's the future of this country? Well in past Pakistan had faced so many crises Like Natural disasters, Inflation, and terrorism. But fortunately, Pakistan was able to survive With the help of Aid From other countries. But Today In 2023 Things Do not seem in favor of Pakistan As the rate of the dollar increases And the Country is going through a bleak Time. There are some reasons Which caused trouble for the economy of Pakistan.


Covid-19 is one of the most terrible experiences the World came across in 2020-21 When the government proclaimed the Lockdown And Strict permit to condemn outlawed Gatherings. This time Was weakened not only for the developed countries but Most importantly for the underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. The economy Was already tilting toward inflation and covid made it ominous. Because there was a vast discrepancy in trade and markets were wrapped up and shut down.

Political instability

Political instability always remained a destructive Experience for Pakistan. In 2021 After the regime change prime minister imran khan was Disqualified By the PDM By reflecting On this Imran khan decided to protest a long march all over Pakistan. After this thousands of people joined Imran's long march which caused Tension between the police and civilians due to this Main Cities of Pakistan were closed and as a result, Trade was averted. Which caused a Loss in Bussines and the growth of the country. Before this back in 2019, A party TLP (THAREEK E LABYEK PAKISTAN) protested in Lahore against France For disrespecting and creating Disgusting animated Charts and pictures of Our Holy prophet. This also increased the uncertainties between the government and the Protesters Which resulted in violence.

Natural disasters

Pakistan has always been bombarded by natural disasters last year Due to climate change And Heavy rain. Pakistan Was grasped by floods that Displaced Many lives and caused a loss of 1.3 trillion Rupees which is a huge amount. Agricultural areas were more affected By This Disaster Because Half of the economy relies on agriculture.

What government can do?

Government should take Rigorous steps For the prevention of Violence acts that cause Instability in the country.

The government must prepare itself For upcoming disasters and implement such actions that cause less loss by floods and Natural disasters.

Government And Opposition must sit at one table and help To take out our country from crisis.

Government should spend less on Useless projects and try to promote its enterprise and education sectors.

Nothing on earth Can undo Pakistan. There are so many things that on government can Improve and take out our country from crisis. There's still hope Pakistan can come back and become a precedent for Other countries. But Our youth Have the responsibility to work hard for the prosperity of their country.

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