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My surrogate girlfriend and my beautiful daughter

Section 2 - 2

Lover girl2023/01/29 23:58

You better leave here now that I gave you the chance don't let me embarrass you more I told but it's like she was not getting what am saying I picked up my land line and called the security I need you guys in my office in the next twenty seconds. Yes boss what can we do for you. Throw this trash out of my company. I dragged her out while she was crying does she think that those her tears can get to me then she's dreaming. She did this to herself. Good day my lovely readers please enjoy this chapter and tell me what you think let's go then


Am brushing my hair in front of the mirror right now getting ready to go and visit my mom in the hospital and after that I will go for my night shift at the bar since I work as a bar attendant there. I hurriedly pack my hair into a pony tail put on my black old leather sandals am grateful it hasn't worn out yet my mom gifted me this on my last birthday it hurts me that she wasn't here at home to celebrate my birthday that took place last but she was instead in the hospital due to her sickness she was diagnosed of cancer of the blood and she need to under surgery as soon as possible I will be the donating my bone marrow to her I don't have a problem as long as she gets well she means the world to me I don't know what am going to do without my mom beside me I can't also loose her how I lost my father five years ago I know how I felt that time and I don't want to feel again so am going to do everything to make sure my mom comes out of it I know the surgery money is really costly but I have been working hard since I found out she was having the sickness I work at morning have a about two hours break before my shift in the evening in this two hours I take to visit my mom sometime or I go to get some gorceries I should better stop thinking about this because am getting really emotional right I could the tears threatening to drop out of my eyes but I wouldn't allow that as for my sandals atleast it matched with my outfit of black jean trouser and red crop top the weather is a bit too hot nowadays so I will just go with this. Am ready to go. I grabbed my bag and went out of my I didn't bother to lock my door with key I just made sure to lock the main door. I flicked down a taxi and entered to memorial hospital please. I came down from the taxi and entered the hospital and went straight to my mom's room . I opened the door and my mom was sleeping so I just walked in silently not to wake her up. I sat down at the chair near her and grabbed her hand on mine. Hey mom hope you are doing well I know that you are fighter so don't give up now the money for your surgery is about to be completed I promise you nothing will happen to you. I only noticed I was crying when I saw a drop of tears on my mother's hand I wiped my face and put back my mom's hand on the bed after giving her a kiss on it. Mom I have to go now I don't want to be late for work I said good bye and left.

I reached the bar five minutes late I know this my manager will kill me today I don't why traffic had to be so bad this evening. I tried sneaking in into the dressers room but he still cut me Denise he called and I came to a halt and turned around to face him.

Good evening sir I greeted him politely but instead of him to answer....

What is goid about this evening Denise eee am asking what is goid about this evening you are five minutes late you are really pushing me the next time you come you will leave me with nonother choice than to cut your salary short he said....

No sir please do do that am sorry I won't ever come late again , you better do he said that and left.

This man is so grumpy am just sticking to this job because of my mom and also when I want to pay for the surgery if the money isn't complete I can him to pay me ahead of time and after I will work for those payments. I just hope when that times comes he better allow me to . I picked up my steps slowly and went into the dressing room to get dressed.

Ahh I screamed as I lazily lyed on the bed I will be a liar if I tell you that am not tired I probably be a liar . Oh not to forget my name is Denise Larabee,turned twenty last week the only daughter of my parents my dad died five years ago in an accident and my mom is laying down sick in the hospital right now and my aunt her only sister doesn't even care at all I remember going to beg her for some money to my mother's treatment she drove me out of her house and told me if myother wants to die that ahe ahould go ahead and do so . I don't know if she really was my mom's sister because I don't know how a sister will wish her other sister that kind of thing. I don't even know when sleep came and stole me from this world and took me the world of the dream lands.

So readers this is all for today bear with me I know it's not long but I had something urgent to do I promise I will make it up for you guys on the next one do have a great day and don't forget to comment and vote thank you much live from you authorπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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