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My surrogate girlfriend and my beautiful daughter

Section 1

Lover girl2023/01/29 23:58

Hello my readers this is my first book in this app I hope you guys guide me through it please do leave a comment in the comment section and you guys opinion what you want me to write and not write let's discuss about the story together. Thank you all♥️♥️♥️💕

*Author's note*

I woke from sleep and I could feel my head in pain I knew this will happen after I drank too much yesterday I opened the drawer next to my bed and removed a hangover pills and drank it . I closed my eyes and breathed in and out and stretched my hand on the bed that's when I felt someone else on the bed I opened my eyes and looked at my side and saw this girl I don't even know how I ended up with her . You know women are all money hungers all the want is to get close to you and leach out all your money when they didn't even put the slightest bit of struggle to get thatoney always acting innocent and fragile every small thing they shed tears in front of you so that they can get your attention. I just dispose them. It baffles how every time I will come at the bar I always see new faces of girl whose job are to sleep with men and get money they don't like to work they love easy money too much. I wonder if prostitution is the only job they can do well . That's why I said am never going into any relationship again after what happened to me In the last one I came out from I don't even believe in love again. It's better like have sex with and pay them and they leave your life. Some will even go to the extent of doing surgery so that they can get their hymen back and when you sleep with there they will tell you that they lost their virginity to you and you should take responsibility there was these certain lady that tried that with me but I made sure she got it hot from me I left her with nothing what does she think that I don't know the difference between true and fake virginity I know she must have thought she get back the money of the surgery back from me but I ended up disappointing her. I know some will come up with the strategy of framing you up for getting them pregnant if they know you are rich and I never make the mistake of having sex with you without condom but I always have morning pills with in case of emergency I can't risk putting my seed in any of these hungry money whores my dad once fell into that trap and am not going to fall for that. Like this girl laying next to me pretending as if she's sleeping and pushing her butt towards me she think I don't know her tactics well am in for that . I opened the drawer again and removed condom from it and closed it I opened it and wear it on my penis. I grabbed her by the waist under the blanket and thrust into her in one go and let a moan that fill the room I grabbed her breast and squeezed the but of them . I kept on thrusting into her and when I noticed she was about to cum I withdrew from her and she looked up at me well I don't care I don't pay them so that I can satisfy them it's the opposite. I asked to get up and give heads since I need to release myself. She didn't have any choice than to do so. She got up and took my penis in her hands as I closed my eyes to enjoy it she was massaging it slowly but that was like torture to me I need her to go fast but she is not doing that I opened my eyes and glared to her and she immediately put it inside her mouth I grabbed her head and was fucking her badly I don't care how she feels I know I must be choking her because my penis is pretty long but I don't care she asked for this. As I was about to release I removed it from her mouth and cummed all over her face. Now am okay she started it. Get up from there clean up your face and get out. What ! How do you except me to leave without having breakfast. I told you these are their tactics. And who told you were suppose to eat your job here is done so leave. You are a bit......

Hey don't you dare call me names iny own house if you don't want that your tongue to be cut off I warned with a serious and her shutting up shows that she knows am not in for plays. You should atleast be grateful that I asked you to clean yourself you have ten minutes here if not I will throw you out like that I told and asked her to use the bathroom in the next door.

I went in to my bathroom brush my teeth and took my shower and now am out to pick out the dress I will be wearing to go to work. I called my driver to prepare the car that we will be leaving in the next five minutes.

I reached my company and I decided to take the normal elevator with the employees am in a bad mood right now and whoever the unlucky person is will get fired . Immediately I reached the first floor every where went in silent and every body was busy in their cabinet I guess they are lucky today.i walked into my office dropped my suitcase on the couch on the left side of my office opened the curtains behind my chair and now am seated .a knock came I knew that must be my secretary due to her too much perfume I put a warning that they should stop putting on too much in my company I don't know if they want to kill me in the name of wanting to get my attitude but this lady doesn't listen I asked her to come in she came and dropped my coffee on the table while revealing her cleavage to me and to act as if I didn't see that she had to drop a pen from my table instead of her to pick up she instead turned around and face her butt towards me and her skirt was very short oh fuck she wasn't wearing anything under and that arouse me and spank her butts and she got up immediately.she have succeed in getting my attention and one thing she doesn't know is that every girl I fucked I don't fuck her twice which leads to the person being fired after the fuck I guess she's the unlucky one today.pull up your skirt I commanded she did as I told her I see her face has turned red from blushing.i unzipped my pants and bring outy cork she was surprised at how big and long it was maybe she is wondering if it can fit into her.while she was still in her thought I thrust into her immediately and let out a scream what wrong with all this ladies .let me not hear your voice or else I will stop.and immediately she closed her mouth even though she still let out some moans .I released on her laps when she haven't even reached her climax and I don't even want her to .I put back my penis into my pants and she was looking at me baffled . Go and clean up yourself and from there you can go . Excuse sir go to where you are FIRED. What sir you can't fire me . She said but I just did I asked her with a wicked smile on my face. You better leave here now that I gave you the chance don't let me embarrass you more I told but it's like she was not getting what am saying I picked up my land line and called the security I need you guys in my office in the next twenty seconds. Yes boss what can we do for you. Throw this trash out of my company. I dragged her out while she was crying does she think that those her tears can get to me then she's dreaming. She did this to herself.