Love at first sight

Sonali2023/01/29 21:55

Love at first sight, a moment so rare,

A feeling so strong, it's beyond compare.

A glimpse of the one, who stole your heart,

In that moment, you knew, you'd never part.

A spark in your eyes, a smile so bright,

A connection so deep, it shines like light.

A bond so pure, a love so true,

A feeling that grows, as time goes by too.

A heart that beats faster, with every glance,

A joy that can never be taken by chance.

A love that endures, through thick and thin,

A bond that will never, ever wear thin.

So cherish this moment, hold it so dear,

For love at first sight, is truly rare.

A blessing from above, a treasure to keep,

A love that will last, through all eternity.


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