Eyes of the dark

Jeremiah Ngoma2023/01/28 21:59
Eyes of the dark

Thanks to the day of the law,

the rule, rules not darkness.

The moon offers friendship,

but night takes no chances,

Hidden agenda is what befriended,

the dark scales of mudder by magic.

Yonder stands the eyes of shadows of dark shadows,

trying to stop the young mathematician,

For being bright in aretimati see,

Beyond destination, stands the death line, turned out to be deadline,

The longer the last quiz, the heavier the cross,

Standing by the gap of the day of the law,

The day that makes assessment of how much tears per head,

Shocked by the suddenness, girls cried,

but boys boycotted the meal, to showcase grade,

Thanks to the teacher, who sang, the song, of the day that no one knows, but the eyes hidden behind the dark. though salvation is guaranteed.


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