Fasuyi Marvellous2023/01/28 13:47

My dear friends

I have a big secret

A secret I share to those

Who are willing to listen

And to act as I say


I have an important factor

He is a key factor in my life

And the brain behind my success

He is the pioneer of success

He is the inventor of creativity


His attribute is supremacy

His name is excellence

He has numerous adjectival names

He is extraordinary

He is the originator of prosperity


He is God

If I remove him from my life

I will be a nonentity

If I delete him from my daily activities

I fall to the ground

If I neglect him

and I do not acknowledge him in my life

I become a zero

Whether I am a hero

It does not matter

If I am proud

he humbles me

And I have an unforgettable encounter

I then return to him


He is my biggest secret

Not to be hidden

So I make his presence in my life

And his contribution to my greatness

An open secret

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