How To Combine Kettlebell And Bodyweight Exercises

Geoff Neupert2023/01/28 05:45
How To Combine Kettlebell And Bodyweight Exercises

4 Tips To Combine Kettlebell and Bodyweight Exercises In Your Workouts

How Do You Combine Kettlebell Exercises and Bodyweight Exercises In The Same Workouts And Still Get Great Results?

Most of us like a good cheeseburger.

Especially the “gourmet” ones – the ½ pound or more burger that come with all kinds of crazy toppings –




Egg (see? Crazy)

… you get the point.

But you can’t eat them ALL the time.

Sometimes it feels almost the same way with kettlebell workouts and body-weight exercises, know what I mean?

Sometimes you have to do KBs and…

… Some other stuff, like bodyweight exercises.

How do you add in your favorite bodyweight exercises with your kettlebells to ensure you’re actually making measurable progress instead of just smoking yourself?

Good question.

1. Pick the kettlebell exercises you want to include

2. Pick the bodyweight exercises you want to include

3. Pick your frequency (2 to 5 times a week)

4. Remember, there’s an inverse correlation between frequency and volume –

… as volume increases, you’ll need more rest days to recover, so you can’t train as frequently.

Sometimes I’ll train the whole body in one session.

Other times I’ll use the ol’ “Push-Pull” template – pushing away from the body / pushing the body away from the ground with pulling toward the body / pulling the body away from the ground.

Pick a “Push” – like a Press or Handstand Push Ups.

Pick a “Pull” – like Pull Ups or Snatch.


Push Ups + Swings

Squats + Pull Ups

Chins Ups + Presses

Presses + Pull Ups

Swings + Parallel Dips

HSPUs + Swings

Presses + Pistols

OAPUs + Front Squats

… to name a few combinations.

Sure, you can do more than 2 exercises too.

Those were just to get your wheels turning.

And yes, of course, you can use multiple pairs in a workout program. Again, those are just ideas.

Over the last couple of decades I’ve found combining bodyweight exercises and kettlebells can inject “new life” into boring, dusty ol’ kettlebell workouts.

So, if you’re feeling “stuck” or just are looking for new training ideas, start adding in one or more of your favorite bodyweight exercises with your kettlebell exercises.

Be Stronger,


P.S. If you don’t feel trying to design your own “Hybrid” bodyweight-

kettlebell workout program, you can get 18 different “built-for-you” 4-week programs here, including:

#63. Total Body Smoker, Push Up Edition

#64. Total Body Smoker, Pull Up Edition

#65. Upper Body Blast

#66. Total Body Blast The Push-Pull

#67. Push-Pull 1

#68. Push-Pull 2

#69. Push-Pull 3

#70. Push-Pull: Minimalist

#71. Push-Pull: Reverse

#72. Push-Pull: Reverse 1.1

#73. Push-Pull: Reverse 1.2

#74. Push-Push

#75. Push-Push 1.1

#76. Push-Push 2

#77. Push-Push 3

#78. Push-Push 3.1

#79. Push-Push: Advanced

#80. Push-Push: Advanced 2

Let me know which one you do first and then remember to send me your results. 🙂


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