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About breast cancer, who’s at risk of breast cancer and predisposing factors of breast cancer

This is a most read for all women. Men, inclusive.

Breast cancer has taken over cervical cancer in women. So, women guard your breasts with all diligence. Nowadays, it's the common cancer in women worldwide.

In the midst of 15 - 20 women, 1 of them maybe diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in her life.

Men can also get Breast cancer. Although on rare cases.

The cause(s) of Breast cancer is still unknown till date.

However, Medically speaking, it starts due to abnormal growth of the breast cells.

You know nah when something starts to grow abnormally, there's an error somewhere.😆

These abnormal cells grow fast, more faster and faster, forming a cluster, which results to a breast lump— the most popular.

Breast cancer can't just occur without showing some signs and symptoms

So, Some of these symptoms includes:

👉🏼Change in size or shape of breast.

👉🏼Peeling of the skin around the nipple.

👉🏼Change to the skin of the breast, such as redness.

👉🏼Nipple discharge,

👉🏼Swelling in one or both armpit area.

That said, Breast self-examination is a great weapon for the fight against Breast Cancer — it helps in early detection, because if this abnormal breast pump are not detected early...they can spread to other body.

Every woman with Breast, regardless of age should learn the skill of breast self-examination(BSE)

BSE means, regularly examining your breasts on your own.

With BSE, most lump are detected by women themselves. Most times, these lumps are not cancerous.

BSE is very easy to do, and the more you do it, the better you will get at it. Just like every other thing— practice makes perfect.

When you get to know how your breasts normally feel and looks like, you will certainly be able to notice any changes(s)

When best to do a BSE?

You can do BSE right after your period, when breast are not tender or swollen. For irregular periods, same day of your menses every month.

Remember, you're looking for out changes, so get to know or read about these changes. Most importantly, know your Breast well.

Also, bear in mind that most lumps are not cancerous.

There are two basic steps to BSE:

Step 1: Begin by looking at your breasts in the mirror with your shoulders straight and your arms on your hips.

Now, raise your arms and look for the same changes.

While you're at the mirror, look for any signs or changes.

Step 2:

Next, feel your breasts while lying down, using your right hand to feel your left breast and then your left hand to feel your right breast.

Use a firm, smooth touch with the first few finger pads of your hand, keeping the fingers flat and together. Use a circular motion to feel your breasts while you are still lying down.

BSE has helped save many breasts and lives.

Remember, with early detection, there's a good chance of recovery from breast cancer.

Don’t panic if you think you feel a lump in your breast. See your Doctor, instead!

Start a journey today on Breast self-examination.

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