Can my broken heart still be repair?

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This short story would inspire you most especially those whom heart has been broken.

Can my broken heart still be repair?

Apologies: Sorry fans for not posting often as I should, it being 7 months since I didn't update a content, henceforth, I'll try my best to be posting beautiful contents.

Enjoy the story!

A young man had a fiance who he intended to marry. After making the arrangement for the marriage, he went to his village and distributed the wedding cards to everyone.

He also did to his friends, including those who were in overseas. He was so excited that the wedding would be an amazing one as many people would attend it including his friends in overseas.

Two day to the wedding day, he went outing with his fiance. After getting things, he removed money and paid the seller and left, but unfortunately, his wallet fell down without his notice.

When the lady sees it, she took it fastly, ran out from the supermarket and began looking for him. He quickly trace the car, when she found him, she gave him the wallet. He was so excited over her act, and removed some money and gave her but she declined it and thank him then headed back to shop.

He was amazed over her act and thank God for his wallet because all his valuable documents were inside his wallet. When he get back home, his fiance were preparing some coffee and luckily to him, he was going to meet her in the kitchen but found some suspicious act from her and peep his eyes to see.

She was adding some sleeping template on the coffee so that he'll take it then sleep off, giving way for her boyfriend to come over. When she was done and headed to the toilet, he quickly went in and pull the coffee off, clean the cup and did a fresh one then leave the kitchen immediately.

She brought it and gave it to him, he took it and pretend as if he is sleeping and fell asleep pretendingly. She smile, then pick her cell phone and call her boyfriend and he did come over immediately, he was listening to what was going on. Her boyfriend came and didn't waste time, they began romancing, suddenly fell at the bed and began having sex.

He didn't wants to talk, after some time. He just stood up, dressed up then left the house. They were in confusion when they saw him, after he left, they began blaming each other and later on, the young boy left while she was left alone crying and regretting her act.

He go to the supermarket he went earlier, the lady notice his sad face and asked him why he's sad which he did explain. He was broken, imagine just two days to the wedding and she cheated on him. The lady was sad and began counselling him which makes him fall in love with it, before he knew it, he was already at his knees proposing to her. She felt shocked at first, but later accepted it.

Luckily to him, the wedding card he distributed doesn't contain either of their pictures and names. He quickly broke up with his fiance and set to marry his newly engaged lady which they did get married and live happily.

Moral lessons:

1. No matter how good someone is, if you are not meant to be; it'll never work out well with both of you.

2. Cheating on your partner is not good as it could ruin your marriage.

3. Never kill yourself because someone else broke your heart, be cheers, there's someone waiting for you.

4. When someone hurt you, there's one looking for you to love you sincerely.

5. Learn to always ask your customer about their well being if you notice any sad gesture on them, you might help them.

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