Journey of Life

Christine2023/01/27 11:46

Our life is a journey

There are curves and roadbends

A pattern or hello-goodbye-hello

We wind in and out of each other's lives

Yet each one of us is an instrument

To chisel out each other edges

To become like a gold tested of fire

Our potentials are on the process of becoming

To search for our place to live a better world

The essence of humans life

Is throughly cultivated by experiences

Life is full of surprises and challenges

Through time our personhood develops

Life's cycles and stages change as we unravel

The windows to maturity

The innocence that sheltered and engulfed our childhood

To the movements we forcefully left

The sweet caresses of our mothers hands

To accommodate ourselves to a more challenging world

We shed tears for both pain and happiness

That  we've gone through.


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