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Football {soccer}

History of soccer

The game soccer is a very popular game in Nigeria and all over the world,some years back it was played by only men.But due to a number reason and civilization,it is now played by both men and children.

Many people believed that the soccer game originated from England but researches has shown that it actually started from the Greeks.The Roman went to the Greeks and learnt the game.The Roman, having learnt the game from Greek,speard the game throughout the Roman empire territories and it must have been through this means that the football got to England.

The modern soccer started in England and the first soccer rules know as“CAMBRIDGE RULE" were created in 1848,in the university of cambridge.since the event,the football game began to grow rapidly, most especially,in the European countries.And as the game began to spread new rules, technique and skills came to existence.

Federation International Football Association (FIFA)

It was one of the first Association that was created and formed on 21 may,1904 in Paris,france.FIFA was formed by various country which are Denmark, Belgium,Niethland(Holland),seweeden,swithzerland, Spain.The first president if FIFA was Mr. D.B woolfall from Briton in 1906 and remained until he died in 1918.The head quarter of FIFA is in Zurich, Switzerland.

The FIFA control all other games of soccer all over the world,even those which are organised by other confederation.

Some of this competition are:

The world cup: it started in 1930 in urugany and was also wondering by urugany,the host

The world cup which was held in 2022,it was hosted by Qatar and was win by Argentina.

Summer Olympic game:in this competition it only the people under the age if 23 that can participate.

FIFA women world cup: This organized by FIFA and it only played by women.

Continental championship: Example of competition under Continental championship are;

African cup of nation[CAF]


Asian cup[AFC]

CONCACAF global cup

OFC nation cup[OFC]

UEFA champions league



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