{pdf download} Burn the Negative by Josh Winning

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Burn the Negative by Josh Winning

  • Burn the Negative

  • Josh Winning

  • Page: 368

  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

  • ISBN: 9780593544662

  • Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group

Burn the Negative

Free computer ebooks download pdf format Burn the Negative

Notes From Your Bookseller For fans of Riley Sager, Grady Hendrix, movie buffs and Jimmy Juliano’s Dead Eleven plus some 90s nostalgia, we present to you Burn the Negative. Josh Winning wears his stabbed, bleeding heart on his sleeve with characters like Needle Man; a main character trying to understand her reality; and a nod to “final girls” both in films and novels. It's the perfect read for any Horror fan, and the ending won’t disappoint... in terms of Horror novel endings, that is. In this incendiary mash-up of horror and suspense, a notorious slasher film is remade…and the curse that haunted it is reawakened. Arriving in L.A. to visit the set of a new streaming horror series, journalist Laura Warren witnesses a man jumping from a bridge, landing right behind her car. Here we go, she thinks. It’s started. Because the series she’s reporting on is a remake of a ’90s horror flick. A cursed ’90s horror flick, which she starred in as a child—and has been running from her whole life. In The Guesthouse, Laura played the little girl with the terrifying gift to tell people how the Needle Man would kill them. When eight of the cast and crew died in ways that eerily mirrored the movie’s on-screen deaths, the film became a cult classic—and ruined her life. Leaving it behind, Laura changed her name and her accent, dyed her hair, and moved across the Atlantic. But some scripts don’t want to stay buried. Now, as the body count rises again, Laura finds herself on the run with her aspiring actress sister and a jaded psychic, hoping to end the curse once and for all—and to stay out of the Needle Man’s lethal reach.

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Burn the Negative - Josh Winning

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