My love for Scrabble

Ashikem2023/01/26 17:02
My love for Scrabble

My love for Scrabble is like a fire burning bright,

A passion that flares up with every letter placed just right.

With every word I form, my excitement starts to soar,

As I outsmart my opponents and add to my score.

The thrill of finding words that others cannot see,

Is like a treasure hunt, a victory.

The tiles, they call to me, like gems upon a board,

Each one a puzzle to be solved, a challenge to be adored.

With every game I play, my love for Scrabble grows,

A love that knows no bounds, a love that always flows.

So come and play with me, let our minds engage,

In this game of words and wit, let our love for Scrabble rage.

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