ADEWARZ2023/01/26 01:47

When love goes wrong


The Moon Has Smile,

I Imagine,

Though What Is In-imaginatory,

I Could Not Be Asleep,

Even Not Dosen,

I Think Of You,

Also, I Know I May Fall Sick,

Please Dont Accuse Me.

I Saw A Message,

Though From You,

I Now Know That You Care For Me,

But I Has A Problem,

I Could Not Be Able To Date,

But I Dont Know,

What Cause My Problem.

I Am Not Afraid To Face You,

I Am Not Scared To Talk To You,

But I Dont Know The Problem,

Though,before, I Am Not That A Physical Dater,

I Can Date On Media,


But Not Now,

Deal To What I Have Left Away With,

I Dont Know Why.

I Know,

I Surely Know I Will Fall Sick For This,

Though, I Am On Sick Bed,

Though, For An Accident I Have Survived Of,

I Know That Your Love Will Makes Me Be Defeated By unexpected Sickness,

Also,spiritual Sickness,

But It Can Only Open My Heart To You,

Please, I Want You,

I Want You To Accept Me.

I Have Think About You Before,

But Then,

I Dont Look Forward To You,

I Think You Are My Friend Dater,

But Not,

Though After Some Research,

Also After I Saw An Alert Of You,

I Now Know That You Still Need Me,

Though,you Cant Say It Out,

Now, Your Love Has Want To Kill Me.

Life Is Full Of Love,

World Is Full Of Much Likeness,

I Want You To Love Me,

As I Love You Also,

I Want You To Concentrate On My Wish,

As I Admire Your Beauty,

I Have Search For Everything In A Lady,

Though I Has Seen All In You,

Please Forgive Me,

If I Have Offended You.


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