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The joy of motherhood begins when she first held her first baby.


Clear in the cool September morning

The sun glared out of the blue sky

like an aqua jewel

What a noteworthy day it was!

A breathtaking smile on my Mama's face,

exorbitant joy......

A golden tears of relief on her face

all her pain erased by the sound of my vagitus

little fingers in motion....

I just can't imagine my dad's reaction.

'It's a girl'

A beautiful voice it was


with a tears of gold

joy to the full with warm fuzzies exacerbate

'She is alive'

joy irrevocable...

Joy, nothing like joy

A song was sang aloud,

sweet sweet music

gratifying and rhythmic...

thanking God;

angels are made not born.

their Golden tears so rare flows like an endless stream.

© *John Emmanuella* 


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