Love's Unrushed Flow

De Johnson2023/01/25 18:39
Love's Unrushed Flow

Love's Unrushed Flow

So softly it comes and it goes,

Like the gentle sway of a slow low-tide ebb,

At its own steady pace, along its path it flows,

Never rushing anywhere, but continually growing.

It starts with an intensity of vibrant sparks,

Like the first flashes of sunset light in the sky,

Slowly blossoming from a tender flame of hope,

That sustains and grows with a passionate fire that shall never die.

Then out like a wave, it spreads forth and cascades,

Reaching deep within our hearts and minds,

Filling us abundantly with its gentle and sweet embrace,

That no time or space can ever truly find.

Love is such an unrushed flow, with no specific path or place,

It merely moves through life like a wild river's gentle dance,

Flowing freely and ever true, along its own gentle course,

Surrounding us like an ever-growing field of possibility, of sweet romance.


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