Oba Cobbash2023/01/25 01:58

This is a story of the writers' best person



The Frail looking giant that rescues me whenever I am down.

The one person who knows Resilience is why I am no clown.

That Intent that I am seen regardless of my mistake will never drown.

That Energy sensed that I can't deny fills me an amazing ton.

The Nerd in me and in you that connected us like a sweet bun.

Then Decency learnt you have that amuses me to never shun.

Someone bring me to caution, There is my amazing person.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too Forward with what I expect.

There are times I can see Renaissance but it is brought back to a pact.

Someday I see Informative delivery, with no real clearance.

There are Endless opportunities to say bye, but we quietly hold a dance.

Some ways to Nudge the moments, we behold so we never end in a chance.

There are Demands I have, you have, that we silently never ask.

No one should stop my motion, There is my beautiful person.

What sound explains my shocking Freedom when I am with you?

What explains our vision Ready to stand till we get through?

Why do we seem so Invading to details in life to stand true?

Why should we never Engage in the wrong path for our image?

What then do we not have in common? One is our New age?

Why is it so easy to bring all our Differences down to sewage?

Everyone should make me scream, there is my best person.

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