I Believe God wants you to know.

SunEater. Sun-ELL2023/01/24 17:40
I Believe God wants you to know.

 I believe God wants you to know ...

... that you are a pure child of God, beautiful in your innocence -- and

That this is true no matter what you may have done.

There is no offense you could ever commit that can rob you of your

magnificence, or of the wonder of who you are. Yet who

among us hasn't fallen from the path, betrayed another, acted

unwisely, fallen prey to temptation, given in to a craving or addiction?


All of us are human. And in God's eyes that makes us perfect.

Really. Just the way we are. Like 3-year-olds, looking anxiously

up at some elder, wondering with quivering lips whether we'll get

a spanking for breaking the rules...


The 3-year-old is beautiful in her innocence. He is pure as snow,

and there is simply something that has not been totally understood,

or fully integrated into behavior yet. It's okay. We don't mean to

be "bad." And in truth, we aren't. Not a one of us.


We're simply, sometimes, mistaken. And God loves us anyway.

Immensely. Completely. Eternally.

Just   as   we   are.


Oh, and by the way, ...you already know

the reason that this particular reminder

came to you today...

Love, your Friend ...

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