Trapped in Helplessness

De Johnson2023/04/20 11:20
Trapped in Helplessness

I'm drowning in a sea of doubt

My mind consumed by fear and drought

I'm lost, alone, and cannot cope

In this vast abyss without hope

My hands are tied, my feet are bound

As I struggle to break free, no sound

Escapes my lips, my voice is gone

In this darkness, I am undone

I cry out for help, but no one hears

As I'm consumed by my own fears

I'm trapped in this cycle of despair

With no way out, no one to care

My heart beats fast, my mind races

As I'm consumed by this familiar place

Of helplessness, of loss, of pain

As I struggle to break these chains

But still, I hold on to a glimmer of hope

That one day, I'll break through this slope

And find my way back to the light

To overcome this helplessness, and fight.

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