The Law of discipline


Wait on God to Establish your season to avoid Insult.


🔸 Spiritual life.

▪️ Sustainable success requires being rooted and grounded spiritually.

▪️ Spiritual robustness is the security of your destiny.

▪️ Spirituality is living by the dictates of the scriptures.

🔸Work of your hands.

▪️ Invest the best of your time and resources in your own business.

▪️Self discipline is the guarantee for sustainable success.

▪️You cannot oversee what you do not see.

▪️God does not speak to careless people.

🔸 Time management

▪️Invest your time,do not squander it.

▪️If you do not have value for time,you start losing value without knowing.

▪️It is lack of wisdom not to be conscious of time.

▪️Men who make progress, they have great value for time.

🔸 Resources Management.

▪️The heritage of the slothful is begging.

▪️Every waster today will be a beggar tomorrow.

▪️Always have a budget for your resources.

▪️Do not let men put you under pressure to spend or borrow outside your budget.


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