only if the moon was a forest

Ankita2023/01/23 18:03
only if the moon was a forest

~ if only the moon was

a forest, the moonwalkers

could get the sharp - edged

stones pricked in their

sensitive feets, but with the

swishing sensation of the

crumpled yellowish leaves,

the feets get the touch of the

quietened subtlety.

the humming and murmuring of

birds have the force to

wake up the burried sentences

being intricated with the silky

strands filled up with

sugary nectar sucked up

by the butterflies residing

inside the abdomen

which on consuming

evokes the feelings of slightly

crunchy floral undertones

blended with woody notes.

the tranquilized yet noisy

atmosphere of the forest spoke

the minimal words worth a

thousand pages of a corrupted

novel. the voices were suppressed,

willing to break the

lock of the doors which

kept them strangled within

the boundaries.

not even the rapturous

sunlight could reach the earth

of the dense forest. they were

horrified of being silent

and oppressed till an eternity,

the words in the humidity

of the air vanished and never

reappeared as the missing

child of a woeful mother

who ran away into the woods.

as the mother was able to cope

with the loss of her child as

soon as the memories faded

away, it became less-grievous.

the forest too bloomed with the

new words of aspiration.

the huntsman being totally

unaware of the long-drawn

tales of the forest,

get drowned into the ocean

of turmoil faced by his

indecisiveness. he asked the

branches of the forest if

they had no one to confide their

agony to. little did he know

the words muttered by them

could only be understood

by someone who can give them

the ailment like the soil and

water did to them. the man

could only provide them with

the hope of affection that

someday the canopies of this

forest would flourish with

warmth and ardour. the night

sky will be intrigued by its

beauty and the endearment

it holds for the carnivores at

every path of the forest.

the beasty creatures who are

fond of the harmonious

home it creates for them.

the place where every tigress

comes back to her cave

after casting around its prey,

leaving the footprints of the

big paws at every mile. the forest uncloakes its bare chest

before the wild who knows

every secret incarcerated

on the trunk of the tree

written with natural gum.

the koalas tell the stories

of mightiness of the forest

to leaves of the eucalyptus tree.

the eagle when grasping the shoot of a tree lends its soul to the

forest before building its nest.

that's what make the forest the resemblance of a glowing full moon 🌙🎑

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