Purple Tiger2023/01/23 18:07

It basically defines life in the world we live in

Feelings and emotions

That comes without motion

Life as a fantasy

May result to tragedy

Love in the air

With jealousy to despair

A world full of crazy people

With abnormalities to learn

Wishes may become dishes

But dishes of burden

Dreams may become scenes

But scenes of terror

A perfect thought

With an imperfect life

Is called a dream of emptiness

Life is all about the risks

You just have to step up to be at the top

Life is like a journey

You have to ride to the very

To the land of the unknown

With different characters to be shown

Heart-breaks may break you up

But you just have to be tough

Money may lead you to destruction

But you just have to follow the instructions

Because it's all about living right

and not living life


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