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Farming in South Africa

Jill2023/01/22 18:52

Through the eyes of a Farmer

Farming in South Africa

In South Africa Farming is looked upon as a very lucrative business. Farmers are often seen as extremely wealthy and well off. Unfortunately this is a common misconception amongst society. In my many years of experience in the crop agricultural business, I can paint you a whole different picture.

Farming is alot..No, Farming is exactly like gambling. You put all in and roll the dice, keeping your fingers crossed and pray that you hit the jackpot.

But, sadly most farmers don't. The crop agricultural business is a battlefield. It's fast paced and changes almost instantly. With one day having a crop in demand and the next day not. Fresh Produce sitting on Market tables or in fields, hectares at a time without being sold.

It's an unpredictable industry. Ruthless and no room for error.

And all it takes is one bad harvest or non selling produce to bring a farmer crashing down.

Growing Fresh Produce is a lengthy and sometimes depending on which crop an expensive process. Not mentioning the additional unpredictable expenses that may occur.

Most challenges farmers face is a overload of same produce on the market. Which leads to low prices and slow selling. Sometimes no sales at all. The farmer needs to earn a certain price on the produce in order to cover expenses and earn a profit. Which mostly doesn't happen. The factors lead farmers to fall into debt and commonly to the point where catching up becomes nearly impossible.

I could write 100 pages about the life of a farmer. Tell you their struggles. Share their hardship and also their success and victories. I wish I could take each and everyone on a journey to experience it for themselves. To understand the importance of the farmers role. How the world needs to appreciate and thank farmers more.

They fill big shoes. They carry heavy weights. Let's support them. Grow your local farmer's business.

Thank a farmer for the food on your plate.


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