The Fall of Jericho by Sydney Applegate on Audiobook New

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The Fall of Jericho by Sydney Applegate

  • The Fall of Jericho

  • Sydney Applegate

  • Page: 676

  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2

  • ISBN: 9798989533206

  • Publisher: Sydney Applegate

The Fall of Jericho

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Jericho Morgan has been on a killing spree since his parents died and he assumed their throne. Blessed by the Saints with prophetic visions that reveal what his next course of action should be as King, Jericho can glimpse into lives of people he's never met, convict them of their sins, and then eliminate them for good. Needless to say, the last thing he expects to see in one of his visions is a girl from the marshes beckoning him to come find her. Venus Deragon has been struggling to keep her and her sisters afloat since one of the king's dreams sentenced their father to death. So when the King's Guard—and Jericho himself—comes to take her away, Venus figures she's doomed. She's surprised, however, to soon be welcomed into Broadcove Castle by kind people and offered steady work on the king's land. Once she's confident in her survival, Venus knows exactly what to spend her time doing: plotting revenge. While she's no assassin, Venus prepares to go to whatever lengths necessary to kill Jericho, including forming an unlikely alliance with him to gain his trust. But the more time they spend together despite their mutual hatred, the more Venus and Jericho begin to realize that they may be divinely connected. Because Venus is beginning to inherit Jericho's dreams—and Jericho is slowly starting to wonder if Venus is meant to be his dream come true.

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