Francess' life

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Francess used to be a studious girl until Tope introduced her to partying. Will Tope be able to juggle school and the life of a slaywuern or will she lose her entire life?

Francess' life


Music blared over the speakers and Francess, already drunk did not hesitate to showcase all the twerking moves she had practiced over the years. She was an amazing dancer when it came to moving her waist and arms and she showed her talent at that party.

Flashback to three hours ago

"Babe, come to this party. You'll enjoy it, I promise. It's not read, read, read, everytime," Tope, her bunkmate and close friend pressured. Tope was a party girl. She believed wholeheartedly in YOLO (You Only Live Once) and she slayed her life. She was behind in her studies but she didn't care. Afterall, she had her life planned out and a white collar job was not part of it.

"You know we have tests in a week and I can't risk lowering my 4.5 gp. I can't lose classrep position to that proud idiot, Michael."

"Babe, everyone has gone out. It's Friday for fuck's sake so live your life, girl. YOLO."

"Abeg, carry that your YOLO mouth go one side."

"Francess, you have been studying hard since last week and knowing you, you will still pass very well even if you don't open book."

"Tope, just this once. I'll party with you just this once and that's because I need a break, okay?"

"Yes! Yes!" Tope screamed as she jumped up in excitement, "Girl, I was so sad I might be going alone. Now I'm going with the most snatched girl on campus. I'm telling you, those guys won't be able to take their eyes off you by the time you're dressed."

"First of all, T, I'm not the hottest girl on campus. And secondly, I'm not going there because of a guy, I'm going to catch cruise."

"But you won't mind meeting a nice, handsome guy, right?"

"No, I won't. It's been too long I've had a one night stand sef."

Tope held Francess' hands and pulled her up. "Come, come, let's get you dressed."

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